Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update and other stuff

I hate Sundays! It means back to work for me and I am kinda over it. I think I need a vacation. But a vacation right now means staying home with my FIL and husband and would end up not being a vacation so I guess I stay working so they don't drive me nuts and look forward to Thursday which is my day off before a 7 day stretch.

I have been working every night on my moms blanket. My 4 year old almost ruined the surprise and told my mom but luckily we were on blue tooth and he was not speaking loud enough for her to hear him. I got frustrated tonight so instead of finishing another piece I decided to buy the pdf version of the dragon fly throw. It is free on her web site but I wanted an ad free version.

Here is a picture of it, click the picture for the Link to the free pattern
This is the Link for the add-free one on crafty (not free)

This is a picture of what is done so far on my blanket. Lighting is horrible

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