Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hello everyone, I am new so I imagine I won't have very many readers. Please pass my blog address around to help me a bit and gain new readers.

So I have three four WIP's (works in progress) Thought I would share the pattern links with you. I will share more about each WIP as I have them in hand. oldest to newest

1. Granny square blanket for my queen bed

I haven't worked on this one forever
Ok My 2nd Project it the Juicy Fruit and whip Cream Blanket by Red Heart which I absolutely Love to death.

WIP number 3. Is this lovely blanket that is not suppose to be hard but it is for me. Link here - this is not a free pattern

And my last Wip is PLOD by Heidi Bears. For those of you that do not know I have a Heidi Bears crochet group and it is on the side under my facebook groups.He is not free ether. Here is the Link
He is for my son, I hope to have him done for Easter so I will be going now to work on him

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