Sunday, February 28, 2016

Crochet is better then knitting

I don't personally think one is better then the other. I love the items my mom makes for my family when she knits. And there are some thing that are better knit then crocheted and visa versa

Check out why crocheting is better then knitting

Friday, February 19, 2016

Nifty Needle Case

My new needle case (link at bottom of post)
someone could not wait to help mom (4yrs old)

button I picked

stitching the pocket on

blocking on my sons baby mat lol never blocked before and my piece was not wonky anymore when I was done yahoo

wanted to add a small touch

had to make one for tiger too


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Crocheting on Valentines day

Well I'm starting to get the hang of the puff stitch I think for my moms blanket. So far its turning out okay. Finished piece number two tonight in between sneezing a thousand time.

Its a little bright lol

Then I worked on my sons dino a bit tonight man what a difference going back to a smaller hook from the H hook eek. I like the colour so far though
Red will be the long stitch and the outside round and the joining colour too.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hello everyone, I am new so I imagine I won't have very many readers. Please pass my blog address around to help me a bit and gain new readers.

So I have three four WIP's (works in progress) Thought I would share the pattern links with you. I will share more about each WIP as I have them in hand. oldest to newest

1. Granny square blanket for my queen bed

I haven't worked on this one forever
Ok My 2nd Project it the Juicy Fruit and whip Cream Blanket by Red Heart which I absolutely Love to death.

WIP number 3. Is this lovely blanket that is not suppose to be hard but it is for me. Link here - this is not a free pattern

And my last Wip is PLOD by Heidi Bears. For those of you that do not know I have a Heidi Bears crochet group and it is on the side under my facebook groups.He is not free ether. Here is the Link
He is for my son, I hope to have him done for Easter so I will be going now to work on him

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hello Crocheters

Hello Everyone,
I decided to restart a crochet blog just for myself. I needed a place to keep all my links and what I am up too. Hope you like it and the links and such help you out!! There will be more but for now blogger and my computer has decided to give me a very hard time so I will have to tweek it later I guess.

A bit about me
I am a 38 year old married mom of a 4 year old who lives in Alberta Canada by the foothills of the Rocky mountains. I was originally born in Ontario. I have three cats also Jasper, Winnie and Leo. Oh ya and a father in law who lives with us too but I won't get into that one,
I am new and old to crochet as my grandma used to crochet up a storm while I was growing up. She did teach my how to do a granny square early on and I decided to re learn in 2007 by Mikey of the crochet crowd in Toronto. I then stopped half way through my bright idea of a granny square blanket to fit a queen size bed. Which still needs to be finished soon. I have been trying to learn new things and this definitely will be what this blog will be about. Me learning and my frustrations. I want to concur this craft and make my grandma proud. I have already completed some items and will be posting them too so you can see them......have to clean up this computer to find the pictures I think.
Anyways I think I am done rambling now so have a good night and we will chit chat soon!!